Monday, May 18, 2009

Change of Plans

I'm finally done with finals which means that I am officially a 3L. Whoop Whoop! 1 more year to go and I am officially out of this beast.

But.....I have exciting news. We are "eloping" and buying a house instead of having a wedding. My mom suggested we just take the money instead, couple that with the 8K tax credit for first time buyers and ta da!- buy a house. And just like that we rolled with it. HGTV has become my new favorite channel- I get why my mom watches it all the time. We've been looking at houses so far I have only found "lukewarm" like. I wont settle, and if we don't find the house we want this year then we just keep looking until we do. The good thing though is that wedding planning didn't take away all my creativity. I have came up with a million things I want to do to my house. Install hardwood floors, paint a faux-wood garage door, have a reddish brown front door, make slip covers for my huge couch, make mirrored art deco style dressers...It seems like a lot but luckily I am marrying a man who actually knows how to do stuff, and sew. Amazing! Him and his dad re-did their kitchen themselves and re-tiled the entire pool area- not just the pool. This blog may turn into that adventure.

I found a place that I want to get married at and the MR. has agreed that it would be perfect. Even my mom agrees. So where? San Fransisco City Hall! It is absolutely gorgeous and I already bought a dress- the "Julianne" from J.Crew. Plus, California allows you to get a confidential wedding license which means no one can look at it unless they have a court order. In this day of identity theft something like that is worth getting. We still plan on taking engagement pictures though so I will upload them in Novemeber or so, because that is when we are doing them. Our wedding will turn into a wedding + mini honeymoon. And then we will have a reception/graduation party/ housewarming party when my family is in town for my law school graduation--- the one that is only a year away! Whoo hooo!

As for the date, we aren't sure. There are really only 2 times of the year where it can be done- Winter or Spring Break. I'm leaning more towards Spring though just because of how pretty it is in the San Fran area.

But first we have to have the house. :)

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  1. congrats! i think it's a wonderful thing and am wishing i could elope!