Thursday, April 30, 2009

Destination Bachelorette Party

I took an absolutely horrendous final yesterday and still have another one and a paper to go, but I missed you and what better way to show you my love than to talk about myself some more?

I know we've all heard of the destination wedding and the destination honeymoon but how about the destination bachelorette party? My MOH came up with the idea and suggested it to me and I was surprised and excited all at the same time. I never really considered having a bachelorette party. I just figured I would put on a veil, sash, and go out to a club on South Beach with a group of friends and we would just call it a bachelorette party. My MOH also lives in DC so I didn't actually expect her to plan anything but I was so happy that she thought about it, especially considering the fact that I didn't ask her to be by MOH- I more or less told her that she was going to be my MOH and let her figure out the acronym on her own.

We passed ideas back and forth. She thought New Orleans would be a great place and I agreed considering we had gone 2 years before and loved it so much, but thinking of my friends in law school, the ones who were the most current friends in my life, I realized that it wouldn't be such a great idea. It could work- but its our last year and I doubt any of them would want to travel to New Orleans to party especially when we live in Miami and everyday is an excuse to party around here.

Next idea was a three day cruise. I thought of this for simplicity reasons only- we could leave out of Miami and I would miss at the most 2 days of school. We would go in September or October when missing a day of school isn't that big of a deal and I can work on getting my pale white white legs tan before the wedding. This would be easier for all my law school chicas as well. Only problem, September and October are both during Hurricane Season and all I can think about is Murphy's Law.
We haven't figured out yet where this three-day cruise will go to though. I'm just excited that I finally have a reason to get a passport- I'm going to start practicing for my picture right away!

Are there any destinations in your wedding planning future?

Monday, April 27, 2009

Guest List Drama

Nothing I am about to say will surprise you. In fact, it is probably lame compared to all the other drama the rest of you are experiencing. Hello, My name is gotyoumypretty I have guest list drama.

Everything with the guest list was perfect until about a month ago. I had always planned to have a wedding with 50 guests maximum. I had allotted 10 guests for the Mr. because he always made it seem like that is all he needed. What did I learn a month ago that changed all that?

You may ask yourself how could this be? Yeah, go ahead and ask yourself that. It doesn't make much sense. How can a guy of 24 years old not know who is in his own family?
It's not like I haven't asked before. I have asked many many times before. A normal conversation about his family usually goes like this:

Me: So do you have any cousins other than T, A, and C?
The Mr.: Uh, I think so.
Me: Ooh, who are they?
The Mr.: Yeah, I don't know
Me: Well have you ever met them before?
The Mr.: Yeah Yeah Yeah. I just don’t remember their names
Me: Oh, well who are they related to then. Like who's side and who's kid.
The Mr: My mom's side but I'm not sure which aunt. I think my Aunt S had a kid that’s my age. Don't remember.
Me: Who is this Aunt S? How come I've never heard of her before?
The Mr.: She lives somewhere else, like up north somewhere.

By the end of this I am just exhausted and all family conversations go that way. I can name at least my aunts and uncles, their children, and my great aunts and uncles- past that point it gets shaky just because in my family at least every family friend is considered an Aunt or an Uncle.

A month ago though at my FSIL's wedding I had to add 6 more people to the list of the Mr.'s allotted people. People I had no clue had ever existed. Of course when I confront him about this his response is " Well yeah. You have to invite them- they're family!"
I finally wrote out the final guest list and had him approve it so that we could move on with this part of our life.

Other drama? Yes Of course. Friends of mine from school are being asked to be invited or at least already talking like they are invited. I'm even having guests suggest other people that I should invite. The reality of it is that I can't invite them although I would love it for everyone I have ever met or been friends with could come it is just not possible. The funny and most frustrated thing about that is that people don’t understand! Amazing. They have tried to make me feel bad about not inviting them or so and so. Thankfully I don't feel bad easily and am the opposite of super sensitive or else I would have some problems.

Have you had any guest list drama? How did you resolve it?

Friday, April 24, 2009

Bubble Veil & Big Hair

The 80's get no love in wedding planning. Everyone wants to go back to the 60's, 40's, or roaring 20's but where are the 80's at? The 80's were fabulous. New Kids on the Block, neon everything, Saved by the Bell, polka dots, shoulder pads---why wouldn't anyone want to go back? Okay, I get why no one would want to go back, but I want to in at least one way-- BIG HAIR! I saw a bubble veil used in a J. Crew catalog and fell in love. The model had slicked back hair but the Mr. hates my hair pulled back so I knew he wasn't going to let me get away with wearing my hair in an updo. I asked and his response was? "Don't you want me to look at you and be happy that I'm marrying you?" Ouch, but he's right. I have my hair pulled back every single day. It doesn't start off that way but the Florida humidity has my hair in a ponytail 10 minutes after I walk out the door. If I can't do an updo with my bubble veil then I am going to be super dramatic and have Super Big Voluminous Hair- inspired by the 80's but tamed by sanity. The problem? I don't know how great it will look on me.

My hair is thick so I know my hair will work but my face is very classic in the sense that it is boring. I don't know if I can pull off big hair primarily because it looks best on people who have at least one dominant feature. I have no dominant features- like none. My parents' genes got together and decided it would be best if they split everything down the middle, thus equaling out all features of my face. Plus, I'm not a female version of a hustler, of a hustler, of a hustler- I'm no Diva. If I was, my attitude alone would be adequate to fulfill all my big hair dreams and pull It off well.

I have a couple of days after my exams to rest and during that time I will make clip in hair extensions and do a hair trial. I'll post instructions and pictures of the clip-in hair extension making and application process but until then I'll leave you with pictures of my hair inspiration: Dior hair, Keesha Sharp, Aisha Tyler, and an awesome hair model. Last picture: First Lady of Cameroon Chantal Biya-- a little too crazy for me.

What is your wedding hair? What was the inspiration behind it?

Thursday, April 23, 2009

The quicker makeup taker offer- Vaseline!

I may be the last person on Earth who knew this but did you know that Vaseline is superior at taking off lipstick and eye makeup. While in DC we went to a couple of parties. One was just way too loud and the other was artsy where all the guests had to make something out of peeps, the marshmallow Easter candy. What did I make? Well nothing. I was lame and my friends were my peeps. Lame peeps- get it? Rrriight.

Anywho, we came home late and I slept in my makeup. I know, I know it is a big no no but I do it all the time. The problem is that I had trouble getting it off the next morning. Usually just washing my face is enough and maybe a little soap will help but for whatever reason my eyeliner was caked on. Then my other mother suggested Vaseline and all my problems went away. I just put a little on each eye, wiped it off, and clean eye. Plus, it has the added effect of preventing eye wrinkles. Of course I did no research to come up with that conclusion as I just based it off of the fact that my other mother, the suggester, is 61 and has a very small amount of wrinkles around her eyes.

Something else I learned about makeup this week: Lipstick that is supposed to last all day, like Cover Girl Outlast, will come off with greasy foods- which is my primary food group.

What common item beauty secrets have you discovered?


What invitation idea did I choose? Well I'm not telling you just yet. But I'll give you clues.

- It is something related to or involving the law.
- The invitation will be screen printed onto handkerchiefs.

The best part about this invitation idea is the price. I can make the handkerchief's myself even though I don’t have a sewing machine and will probably have to outsource it. Even with the outsourcing, my estimation is that it will cost a $1.61 per person and that is with postage. I don't have a Gocco but have learned of a lot of other ways to screen-print including something called EZ screen print. I'll test out everything before I commit but my family loves the idea. In fact, my mother has told every customer who walks in her shop about it and every family member she has talked to in the last 2 months- so it will only be a surprise to you and the Mr.'s family.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Not Invitations Part IV: Invitation Books

I like to read or at least I used to before casebooks started taking over my shelves, and floors, and car…you get the idea. I came across the idea of invitation books and thought they were A-mazing. Like seriously, who wouldn't love to get this? I know I would.
This invitation book, as I found on the knot, was made by the happy couple themselves. They had a cute story and used it to tell their story in book form. It makes me wish I had a cute story. I could always make one up right?- Yes, I know I can't do that.

The next invitation book is my favorite mainly because it is much more laid back and low key. If you click the title of my post it will take you to the flash version of their invitation. Their invitation book has bio information about the bride, groom, how they met, and the proposal then it comes with a map and tear-out RSVP card.

So did I choose it? Uh-uh. Nope. I am 8 months away from my wedding and can't even start to prepare my brain to get ready for such a project. Plus, I have no real talent or talented friends who can do this for me. I really wish this idea was meant for me, but my gut tells me it is not. I am jealous though of all the people who can and will pull this off. I would love to get this in the mail, although I will probably end up white-outing the bride and grooms name and inserting my own. Yes, I know it's wrong but at least I'm honest.

Did you have any invitation ideas that were way over your head?

Not Invitations Part III: Candy Box Invitations

Did you know that back in the old and golden days guests at lavish European weddings would go home with something called a bonbonniere? It was made out a metal or porcelin and filled with some sort of sugary confection. This was considered the ultimate decadent wedding favor because sugar was both rare and expensive. Well it only makes sense that I would want to give my guests something sweet and decadent even though sugar isn't as rare and expensive as it used to be. Plus, I have a sweet tooth and this is just another excuse to buy candy and make my dentist look at me with that disapproving face once again.

The only idea I have truly been married to during this long engagement has been the candy box. I love lollies (or rock candy for those of you who throw shrimp on barbies). In New York there is Pappabubble and here in FL we have Sugar Sugar. Both of these places sell lollies and personalize them. They are pretty expensive if personalized but the taste is so so worth it.

My idea, as taken from this picture I found on project wedding, was to put the lollies on the bottom with my invitation sitting on top- only separated by a piece of tissue paper. My invitation though was going to be traditional folded card- the actual invitation wording would be on the front, the back of that side would be directions and website information, and the other part of that card would detach and become a RSVP postcard with room for comments and dinner preference.

At first I had worries that the candy would melt but I'm not mailing these babies out until November so I quickly dismissed that concern. I talked it over with the man, he liked. Mother though was not amused because of course, she thought it would cost too much money. In reality, it would cost a lot of money. Mailing would be the least expensive part, around $1 each to mail. The candy would be the most expensive regardless of me getting it personalized or not. Plus I had to consider boxes, tissue paper, and the cost of making the invitation cards.

I considered switching candies but couldn't find anything else I really liked. I'm not a fan of jellybeans and can't actually see people eating them. I took a trip to the Sweet Factory in the mall and although they had some things that would fit the bill, nothing compared to the lollies. Are you starting to see how picky I am? Yeah, once I am set on something I am set and nothing can change or else it becomes ruined. I'm working on that though, along with my patience.

Then, I watched an episode of Martha Stewart. She made jeweled heart cookies with these NY women who have an online shop called The Jewels of NY.* They made some cookies that looked so good. See the picture below, ummm…how good do those look?

So yeah, I thought maybe I could make the cookies, put them in cute bags, and put them in the box instead. I'm not super confident in my baking skills though but when it comes to sending pretty cookies in the mail I could care less what they taste like- all I care about is that they are pretty.

So did I choose it? Eh, I don't know yet but I think expense alone of boxes is slowly starting to scare me away. Plus, I have at least 3 more months before I really have to start stressing about it.

Are you adding anything sweet to your wedding planning?

*Beware of ye old google search results. There is also an escort agency by the same name.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Not Invitations Part II: Paperboard CD case & booklet

My second invitation idea quickly came and went. Since I'm a big lover of music and feel like the world would be enlightened or at least happily confused by listening to my eclectic playlist I thought that CD invitations would be great. For anyone out there who actually still buys CD's (hello? Is anybody out there?*), you know that many artists are using paperboard CD cases instead of the traditional jewel cases.

My idea was to print a booklet that would have my invitation, all the must-know wedding details inside, and a tear-out RSVP postcard. I would then screenprint or at least emboss some pretty design on the front of the paperboard cover and finish it with a awesome CD of old school songs by the some of greatest musicians of our day like Milli Vanilli, Vanilla Ice, and McHammer.

Did I choose this invitation idea? Nuh-uh. I loved it but I wasn't in love with it you know. It wasn't the CD's fault, or the booklets fault for that matter. I just felt like I wasn't at the point in my life where I could put that much time into something I was unsure of. I was afraid of the commitment. In the end I know that it was the best decision for both me and all the Vanilli or Milli's of the world.

Have you tried to include something you love or a hobby into your invitations? How so?

*Yes, random Pink Floyd reference. If you don't know you better ask somebody. If they don't know, then neither one of you can be my friend. I'm sorry, that is just the way it has to be.

(picture is from bliss wedding market)

Monday, April 20, 2009

Not Invitations Part I: Photo Coasters

I decided that I would dedicate my next couple of posts to all my invitation ideas I have seriously considered along the way.

Back in December 2006, when I had just gotten engaged, I started looking at wedding favors and came across these glass coasters.

Then I had the idea of taking these glass coasters and using them as invitations instead. They come in packs of two and each pack costs a little over a dollar. The way I planned on using them was to take the top coaster and put one of our engagement pictures in and use the bottom coaster as the actual invitation. Then tie them together with a pretty box, put it in a box, and yay! Coaster. I love when people turn something I would have normally thrown away into something practical so I'm sure my guests would too. Imagine the excitement on their faces when they open the box and discover that my face is perfect for not only hot, but cold beverages. No more ruined tables from drunk nights of beer pong spillage.

Did I choose this invitation idea? Well no. I decided the cost of mailing would be too much. For a while I considered using only one coaster as an invitation but I couldn't get excited about the idea anymore because it just wasn't as good as the original. Call me conceded but I need a picture of my face somewhere around there and it just couldn't be the same if my ugly mug wasn't enclosed in glass licking your Coke's condensation.

Did you have an idea for a practical invitation? What was it and did it work out?

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Am I the only one....

Am I the only one who has no interest in seeing a movie just because it has a wedding in it? In fact, that is usually enough to keep me away from seeing a movie.

Just a thought. I can't be the only one though right?

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

And you Shall Live Happily Ever After

I will be at the White House Easter Egg Roll for my Easter this year, well it is more like the day after Easter. I'm leaving way early and therefore I wont be able to post my usual Song of the Week on Friday, although lately it hasn't been so usual has it?
I really really love the movie Enchanted. It came out during finals of my 1L year when stress is at its highest. Me and my roomate went to see it right after our most ridiculous final. There were 6 people in the theatre because it was like 11am on a school day- me, my roomate, and 2 little girls with their 2 mothers. I don't know what it is but we walked out of that theatre in love with the world, completely forgetting the mind raping that took place three hours earlier.

We turned into the little girls. Actually, we were more little girls than those little girls. We went and ate sushi and everything was right in the world.

This song takes me back. I can't help but be happy when I hear it. I feel all pretty, and trust me, right now I am anything but pretty. Don't you just love what a good song can do for you?

Do you have any songs that instantly brighten your mood?

Wedding Videos 2.0

I have never really been a fan of the wedding video. Crazy, I know. I just can't see myself actually ever watching it again. I think of all the people I know who had a video and they haven't looked at it since they got it back from the videographer. The whole Super 8 movement is pretty cool but too expensive for little ol' me. Basically I just resigned myself to the idea of not having a wedding video and I was okay with that because I've never desired one.
That was until I saw this……

Ummm, Awesome! How much fun does that look. I want my mom to dress in all purple with an awesome little hat and claw like a tiger too! Why didn't I think of this before I thought of this? I don’t know but none of that matters now. All that matters is I thought of it and am doing it and it will be awesome because I am awesome. Aren't you jealous that you didn't think of it before I thought of it and youtubed it. Yeah?, it's okay- it happens.
I ran it by all my friends and my family and surprise!- they are all game. It just makes sense that I would do this type of thing because my idea of a workout is dancing in the mirror and making my own music video. I do it everyday, but don't judge me, I'm an only child and I have turned this into my "me" time.
As for the wedding music video, I picked a song.I have a concept in my head.I am ready to go.
…Well almost ready to go. I still don’t have a video camera or a videographer but I am hoping that I
a) Find one soon, for cheap;
b) Can get a local student at the Ringling School of Art to do it; or
c) Borrow or buy a camera and have everyone help shoot it

I'll keep you posted on which option we choose. Are you doing a little something different with your wedding video? Heck, are you even doing a wedding video?

Change, Change, Change

No, I'm not a panhandler but I will take some change if you have it.

Planning a wedding has changed me for sure. Most of my posts are about how I didn't like something and then I did. I didn't plan on having a wedding- and then I did. I didn't like pictures and then I did. I didn't like videos and then I did. Lets add one more thing to that list. I didn't like details and now I do.

When I was meeting with possible photographers I made it very clear that I could care less about my ring, shoes, flowers, the chairs, and the like. All I cared about were the people there- end of story, or so it was until I started buying things and making crap.

As I've started to accumulate more and more items that will just be used as decoration, I have also started to realize the error of my ways. Details are important! Why? Because I say so, and furthermore because they show just how much time and effort was put into this day. Obviously it is just more proof of how much this relationship means to me. Oh wedding! You should be ashamed of yourself- changing me the way that you do.

How has wedding planning changed you?

photo via zombie jar swap

Monday, April 6, 2009

Practicing the Dip

My FSIL was married a month ago and her husband dipped her as their first kiss. It was too cute and although me and the Mr. have been practicing the kissing part, the idea of a dip never entered my mind. As soon as I saw it I wanted to do it.
Then I was watching one of my all time favorite moves Enchanted and there was a wedding dip in there too- but backwards. The bride dipped the groom! Ummm...awesome. Yes, I thought a reverse dip would be perfect for us.
But no. I practiced with the Mr. and he sucks at dipping. He is as stiff as a board and I have come pretty close to breaking his neck during all of this. Going back and trying it the traditional way worked much much better so I guess that is what we will be doing.

What type of first kiss have you been practicing?