Thursday, April 30, 2009

Destination Bachelorette Party

I took an absolutely horrendous final yesterday and still have another one and a paper to go, but I missed you and what better way to show you my love than to talk about myself some more?

I know we've all heard of the destination wedding and the destination honeymoon but how about the destination bachelorette party? My MOH came up with the idea and suggested it to me and I was surprised and excited all at the same time. I never really considered having a bachelorette party. I just figured I would put on a veil, sash, and go out to a club on South Beach with a group of friends and we would just call it a bachelorette party. My MOH also lives in DC so I didn't actually expect her to plan anything but I was so happy that she thought about it, especially considering the fact that I didn't ask her to be by MOH- I more or less told her that she was going to be my MOH and let her figure out the acronym on her own.

We passed ideas back and forth. She thought New Orleans would be a great place and I agreed considering we had gone 2 years before and loved it so much, but thinking of my friends in law school, the ones who were the most current friends in my life, I realized that it wouldn't be such a great idea. It could work- but its our last year and I doubt any of them would want to travel to New Orleans to party especially when we live in Miami and everyday is an excuse to party around here.

Next idea was a three day cruise. I thought of this for simplicity reasons only- we could leave out of Miami and I would miss at the most 2 days of school. We would go in September or October when missing a day of school isn't that big of a deal and I can work on getting my pale white white legs tan before the wedding. This would be easier for all my law school chicas as well. Only problem, September and October are both during Hurricane Season and all I can think about is Murphy's Law.
We haven't figured out yet where this three-day cruise will go to though. I'm just excited that I finally have a reason to get a passport- I'm going to start practicing for my picture right away!

Are there any destinations in your wedding planning future?

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