Thursday, April 23, 2009


What invitation idea did I choose? Well I'm not telling you just yet. But I'll give you clues.

- It is something related to or involving the law.
- The invitation will be screen printed onto handkerchiefs.

The best part about this invitation idea is the price. I can make the handkerchief's myself even though I don’t have a sewing machine and will probably have to outsource it. Even with the outsourcing, my estimation is that it will cost a $1.61 per person and that is with postage. I don't have a Gocco but have learned of a lot of other ways to screen-print including something called EZ screen print. I'll test out everything before I commit but my family loves the idea. In fact, my mother has told every customer who walks in her shop about it and every family member she has talked to in the last 2 months- so it will only be a surprise to you and the Mr.'s family.

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