Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Not Invitations Part III: Candy Box Invitations

Did you know that back in the old and golden days guests at lavish European weddings would go home with something called a bonbonniere? It was made out a metal or porcelin and filled with some sort of sugary confection. This was considered the ultimate decadent wedding favor because sugar was both rare and expensive. Well it only makes sense that I would want to give my guests something sweet and decadent even though sugar isn't as rare and expensive as it used to be. Plus, I have a sweet tooth and this is just another excuse to buy candy and make my dentist look at me with that disapproving face once again.

The only idea I have truly been married to during this long engagement has been the candy box. I love lollies (or rock candy for those of you who throw shrimp on barbies). In New York there is Pappabubble and here in FL we have Sugar Sugar. Both of these places sell lollies and personalize them. They are pretty expensive if personalized but the taste is so so worth it.

My idea, as taken from this picture I found on project wedding, was to put the lollies on the bottom with my invitation sitting on top- only separated by a piece of tissue paper. My invitation though was going to be traditional folded card- the actual invitation wording would be on the front, the back of that side would be directions and website information, and the other part of that card would detach and become a RSVP postcard with room for comments and dinner preference.

At first I had worries that the candy would melt but I'm not mailing these babies out until November so I quickly dismissed that concern. I talked it over with the man, he liked. Mother though was not amused because of course, she thought it would cost too much money. In reality, it would cost a lot of money. Mailing would be the least expensive part, around $1 each to mail. The candy would be the most expensive regardless of me getting it personalized or not. Plus I had to consider boxes, tissue paper, and the cost of making the invitation cards.

I considered switching candies but couldn't find anything else I really liked. I'm not a fan of jellybeans and can't actually see people eating them. I took a trip to the Sweet Factory in the mall and although they had some things that would fit the bill, nothing compared to the lollies. Are you starting to see how picky I am? Yeah, once I am set on something I am set and nothing can change or else it becomes ruined. I'm working on that though, along with my patience.

Then, I watched an episode of Martha Stewart. She made jeweled heart cookies with these NY women who have an online shop called The Jewels of NY.* They made some cookies that looked so good. See the picture below, ummm…how good do those look?

So yeah, I thought maybe I could make the cookies, put them in cute bags, and put them in the box instead. I'm not super confident in my baking skills though but when it comes to sending pretty cookies in the mail I could care less what they taste like- all I care about is that they are pretty.

So did I choose it? Eh, I don't know yet but I think expense alone of boxes is slowly starting to scare me away. Plus, I have at least 3 more months before I really have to start stressing about it.

Are you adding anything sweet to your wedding planning?

*Beware of ye old google search results. There is also an escort agency by the same name.

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