Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Wedding Videos 2.0

I have never really been a fan of the wedding video. Crazy, I know. I just can't see myself actually ever watching it again. I think of all the people I know who had a video and they haven't looked at it since they got it back from the videographer. The whole Super 8 movement is pretty cool but too expensive for little ol' me. Basically I just resigned myself to the idea of not having a wedding video and I was okay with that because I've never desired one.
That was until I saw this……

Ummm, Awesome! How much fun does that look. I want my mom to dress in all purple with an awesome little hat and claw like a tiger too! Why didn't I think of this before I thought of this? I don’t know but none of that matters now. All that matters is I thought of it and am doing it and it will be awesome because I am awesome. Aren't you jealous that you didn't think of it before I thought of it and youtubed it. Yeah?, it's okay- it happens.
I ran it by all my friends and my family and surprise!- they are all game. It just makes sense that I would do this type of thing because my idea of a workout is dancing in the mirror and making my own music video. I do it everyday, but don't judge me, I'm an only child and I have turned this into my "me" time.
As for the wedding music video, I picked a song.I have a concept in my head.I am ready to go.
…Well almost ready to go. I still don’t have a video camera or a videographer but I am hoping that I
a) Find one soon, for cheap;
b) Can get a local student at the Ringling School of Art to do it; or
c) Borrow or buy a camera and have everyone help shoot it

I'll keep you posted on which option we choose. Are you doing a little something different with your wedding video? Heck, are you even doing a wedding video?

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