Friday, April 24, 2009

Bubble Veil & Big Hair

The 80's get no love in wedding planning. Everyone wants to go back to the 60's, 40's, or roaring 20's but where are the 80's at? The 80's were fabulous. New Kids on the Block, neon everything, Saved by the Bell, polka dots, shoulder pads---why wouldn't anyone want to go back? Okay, I get why no one would want to go back, but I want to in at least one way-- BIG HAIR! I saw a bubble veil used in a J. Crew catalog and fell in love. The model had slicked back hair but the Mr. hates my hair pulled back so I knew he wasn't going to let me get away with wearing my hair in an updo. I asked and his response was? "Don't you want me to look at you and be happy that I'm marrying you?" Ouch, but he's right. I have my hair pulled back every single day. It doesn't start off that way but the Florida humidity has my hair in a ponytail 10 minutes after I walk out the door. If I can't do an updo with my bubble veil then I am going to be super dramatic and have Super Big Voluminous Hair- inspired by the 80's but tamed by sanity. The problem? I don't know how great it will look on me.

My hair is thick so I know my hair will work but my face is very classic in the sense that it is boring. I don't know if I can pull off big hair primarily because it looks best on people who have at least one dominant feature. I have no dominant features- like none. My parents' genes got together and decided it would be best if they split everything down the middle, thus equaling out all features of my face. Plus, I'm not a female version of a hustler, of a hustler, of a hustler- I'm no Diva. If I was, my attitude alone would be adequate to fulfill all my big hair dreams and pull It off well.

I have a couple of days after my exams to rest and during that time I will make clip in hair extensions and do a hair trial. I'll post instructions and pictures of the clip-in hair extension making and application process but until then I'll leave you with pictures of my hair inspiration: Dior hair, Keesha Sharp, Aisha Tyler, and an awesome hair model. Last picture: First Lady of Cameroon Chantal Biya-- a little too crazy for me.

What is your wedding hair? What was the inspiration behind it?


  1. I have a bubble veil and I loooove it!! As for me, I am totally with you on the big hair, but I want to find an updo version of it. Anyway, thanks for posting this!

  2. Look at old pictures of Priscilla Presley (Elvis's Wife) for inspiration.If you want a droop free wedding 'do,and big hair,here's how ya do it....Get your hair set on medium size rollers at the beauty salon the night before your wedding and sleep with the rollers in your hair with a little setting lotion or Dippety Do Gel(uncomfortable but your hair WILL stay curled and big)next use some Spritz It Hairspray and have your stylist at your salon root tease your hair and spritz some of this on and then dry the hairspray with a blowdryer from underneath.(you bend over at the waist and spray hair teased upwards,then blow just for a second to dry the spray)next use a pick to gently style your hair downward into place.This is how we did it in the actual 1980's when I was in High School.Good luck on your wedding! :-)

  3. Where did you get this veil? I love it!

  4. This veil is from a J.Crew Ad. I love it too.