Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Not Invitations Part IV: Invitation Books

I like to read or at least I used to before casebooks started taking over my shelves, and floors, and car…you get the idea. I came across the idea of invitation books and thought they were A-mazing. Like seriously, who wouldn't love to get this? I know I would.
This invitation book, as I found on the knot, was made by the happy couple themselves. They had a cute story and used it to tell their story in book form. It makes me wish I had a cute story. I could always make one up right?- Yes, I know I can't do that.

The next invitation book is my favorite mainly because it is much more laid back and low key. If you click the title of my post it will take you to the flash version of their invitation. Their invitation book has bio information about the bride, groom, how they met, and the proposal then it comes with a map and tear-out RSVP card.

So did I choose it? Uh-uh. Nope. I am 8 months away from my wedding and can't even start to prepare my brain to get ready for such a project. Plus, I have no real talent or talented friends who can do this for me. I really wish this idea was meant for me, but my gut tells me it is not. I am jealous though of all the people who can and will pull this off. I would love to get this in the mail, although I will probably end up white-outing the bride and grooms name and inserting my own. Yes, I know it's wrong but at least I'm honest.

Did you have any invitation ideas that were way over your head?

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