Monday, April 27, 2009

Guest List Drama

Nothing I am about to say will surprise you. In fact, it is probably lame compared to all the other drama the rest of you are experiencing. Hello, My name is gotyoumypretty I have guest list drama.

Everything with the guest list was perfect until about a month ago. I had always planned to have a wedding with 50 guests maximum. I had allotted 10 guests for the Mr. because he always made it seem like that is all he needed. What did I learn a month ago that changed all that?

You may ask yourself how could this be? Yeah, go ahead and ask yourself that. It doesn't make much sense. How can a guy of 24 years old not know who is in his own family?
It's not like I haven't asked before. I have asked many many times before. A normal conversation about his family usually goes like this:

Me: So do you have any cousins other than T, A, and C?
The Mr.: Uh, I think so.
Me: Ooh, who are they?
The Mr.: Yeah, I don't know
Me: Well have you ever met them before?
The Mr.: Yeah Yeah Yeah. I just don’t remember their names
Me: Oh, well who are they related to then. Like who's side and who's kid.
The Mr: My mom's side but I'm not sure which aunt. I think my Aunt S had a kid that’s my age. Don't remember.
Me: Who is this Aunt S? How come I've never heard of her before?
The Mr.: She lives somewhere else, like up north somewhere.

By the end of this I am just exhausted and all family conversations go that way. I can name at least my aunts and uncles, their children, and my great aunts and uncles- past that point it gets shaky just because in my family at least every family friend is considered an Aunt or an Uncle.

A month ago though at my FSIL's wedding I had to add 6 more people to the list of the Mr.'s allotted people. People I had no clue had ever existed. Of course when I confront him about this his response is " Well yeah. You have to invite them- they're family!"
I finally wrote out the final guest list and had him approve it so that we could move on with this part of our life.

Other drama? Yes Of course. Friends of mine from school are being asked to be invited or at least already talking like they are invited. I'm even having guests suggest other people that I should invite. The reality of it is that I can't invite them although I would love it for everyone I have ever met or been friends with could come it is just not possible. The funny and most frustrated thing about that is that people don’t understand! Amazing. They have tried to make me feel bad about not inviting them or so and so. Thankfully I don't feel bad easily and am the opposite of super sensitive or else I would have some problems.

Have you had any guest list drama? How did you resolve it?

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