Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Change, Change, Change

No, I'm not a panhandler but I will take some change if you have it.

Planning a wedding has changed me for sure. Most of my posts are about how I didn't like something and then I did. I didn't plan on having a wedding- and then I did. I didn't like pictures and then I did. I didn't like videos and then I did. Lets add one more thing to that list. I didn't like details and now I do.

When I was meeting with possible photographers I made it very clear that I could care less about my ring, shoes, flowers, the chairs, and the like. All I cared about were the people there- end of story, or so it was until I started buying things and making crap.

As I've started to accumulate more and more items that will just be used as decoration, I have also started to realize the error of my ways. Details are important! Why? Because I say so, and furthermore because they show just how much time and effort was put into this day. Obviously it is just more proof of how much this relationship means to me. Oh wedding! You should be ashamed of yourself- changing me the way that you do.

How has wedding planning changed you?

photo via zombie jar swap

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