Thursday, April 23, 2009

The quicker makeup taker offer- Vaseline!

I may be the last person on Earth who knew this but did you know that Vaseline is superior at taking off lipstick and eye makeup. While in DC we went to a couple of parties. One was just way too loud and the other was artsy where all the guests had to make something out of peeps, the marshmallow Easter candy. What did I make? Well nothing. I was lame and my friends were my peeps. Lame peeps- get it? Rrriight.

Anywho, we came home late and I slept in my makeup. I know, I know it is a big no no but I do it all the time. The problem is that I had trouble getting it off the next morning. Usually just washing my face is enough and maybe a little soap will help but for whatever reason my eyeliner was caked on. Then my other mother suggested Vaseline and all my problems went away. I just put a little on each eye, wiped it off, and clean eye. Plus, it has the added effect of preventing eye wrinkles. Of course I did no research to come up with that conclusion as I just based it off of the fact that my other mother, the suggester, is 61 and has a very small amount of wrinkles around her eyes.

Something else I learned about makeup this week: Lipstick that is supposed to last all day, like Cover Girl Outlast, will come off with greasy foods- which is my primary food group.

What common item beauty secrets have you discovered?

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