Monday, April 20, 2009

Not Invitations Part I: Photo Coasters

I decided that I would dedicate my next couple of posts to all my invitation ideas I have seriously considered along the way.

Back in December 2006, when I had just gotten engaged, I started looking at wedding favors and came across these glass coasters.

Then I had the idea of taking these glass coasters and using them as invitations instead. They come in packs of two and each pack costs a little over a dollar. The way I planned on using them was to take the top coaster and put one of our engagement pictures in and use the bottom coaster as the actual invitation. Then tie them together with a pretty box, put it in a box, and yay! Coaster. I love when people turn something I would have normally thrown away into something practical so I'm sure my guests would too. Imagine the excitement on their faces when they open the box and discover that my face is perfect for not only hot, but cold beverages. No more ruined tables from drunk nights of beer pong spillage.

Did I choose this invitation idea? Well no. I decided the cost of mailing would be too much. For a while I considered using only one coaster as an invitation but I couldn't get excited about the idea anymore because it just wasn't as good as the original. Call me conceded but I need a picture of my face somewhere around there and it just couldn't be the same if my ugly mug wasn't enclosed in glass licking your Coke's condensation.

Did you have an idea for a practical invitation? What was it and did it work out?

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