Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Not Invitations Part II: Paperboard CD case & booklet

My second invitation idea quickly came and went. Since I'm a big lover of music and feel like the world would be enlightened or at least happily confused by listening to my eclectic playlist I thought that CD invitations would be great. For anyone out there who actually still buys CD's (hello? Is anybody out there?*), you know that many artists are using paperboard CD cases instead of the traditional jewel cases.

My idea was to print a booklet that would have my invitation, all the must-know wedding details inside, and a tear-out RSVP postcard. I would then screenprint or at least emboss some pretty design on the front of the paperboard cover and finish it with a awesome CD of old school songs by the some of greatest musicians of our day like Milli Vanilli, Vanilla Ice, and McHammer.

Did I choose this invitation idea? Nuh-uh. I loved it but I wasn't in love with it you know. It wasn't the CD's fault, or the booklets fault for that matter. I just felt like I wasn't at the point in my life where I could put that much time into something I was unsure of. I was afraid of the commitment. In the end I know that it was the best decision for both me and all the Vanilli or Milli's of the world.

Have you tried to include something you love or a hobby into your invitations? How so?

*Yes, random Pink Floyd reference. If you don't know you better ask somebody. If they don't know, then neither one of you can be my friend. I'm sorry, that is just the way it has to be.

(picture is from bliss wedding market)

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