Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Bride wears a suit, say wha?

Yeah, that is exactly what 97% of my friends said when I said I was going to wear a suit for my wedding.
“What, you mean like a pants suit?”
-No, not at all. I’ve seen it done and I’ve seen it done well but it’s not me.

“Like Carrie in the Sex & the City movie?”
- A. I’ve never seen sex and the city anything, but I went home and googled it for a picture (see below)…so,
- B. kind of

“I just don’t understand”
- See, the thing is, I don’t need you to understand. I’m not marrying you!

Funny thing is, I never told my mom about this whole suit thing because she would freak. But I knew that after she saw how marvelous I looked in the pictures she would get over it.

The thing is, a bride wearing a suit really isn’t so unorthodox. I mean, sure it is now but that’s because the bridal industry doesn’t necessarily want you to think outside the box. Many brides in the 40’s were married in suits. Hell, Katherine Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe were and I feel like at least one of Liz Taylor’s weddings had to feature her in a suit too. These weddings though were simple ceremony’s- not grand affairs worthy of Platinum Wedding status. A suit for a city hall wedding just sounds perfectly right.

Well kiddos, you should know that I am in love with peplum’s. They emphasis your hips and make you look all lady like. I love my body shape even though I gained 20 pounds during law school so I like that the peplum helps me love what I love about myself. Plus, they have been everywhere lately.

My initial idea was to take a suit like this Juicy Couture one, have it custom made in a cream or even light pink, with a much bigger peplum and a little mini-er skirt. This would look perfect with my bubble veil, louibiton platform heels, ruffle collared shirt, and 3 layered j. crew necklaces (symphony, opera length pearl necklace, and ???). I loved this and was all about it even though my friends didn’t get it. 2 of them though said “Yeah, that is SO you”.

And it is so me. But am I going to do it? No.
It’s not because the Mr. had a problem with it, because he didn’t. It’s because I fell in love with a dress. Bah humbug. I was really sad to fall in love with a dress. I wondered if I could have it custom made by Milly Bridal into a peplum style. “That would be amazing!” I thought. But the more I sat and wondered, the more I realized that the dress wouldn’t look good as a Peplum. So what’s the dress? This gorgeous Stephen Yearick design. Da Da DAAA.

I still don’t like the dress completely as it is which is why I plan on getting it custom made. I want a scoopneck, not a V-neck and I want to be scandoulous with a low back.. Plus I have really cute thin calves and so maybe my dress should be shorter. I really still haven’t made up my mind but in the end, I hope the Stephen Yearick just serves as inspiration.

Still though, I wish I could have 2 weddings so I could wear my suit. Any photographers out there want to just do a test shoot for fun with a bride in a mini skirt peplum suit? Eh, probably not.
I am still going to incorporate menswear into my wedding day wardrobe though. I bet you can’t guess what it is.

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