Monday, March 15, 2010

The Man Band

Buying a band for the Mr was simple and a waste of time all rolled into one. He knew what he wanted and what he wanted the band to feel like on his finger. Well they didn’t have it, and because he wanted thin tungsten, it was impossible to think that he would ever get it. But instead of obsessing like me, he moved on to the band that fit the best and got it in white gold. Amazing. It took about 10 minutes.

So why was this 10 minutes a waste of time? Well, it wasn’t a total waste because I got one of my rings cleaned while we waited but a waste because the Mr. will never wear the ring! He’s a mechanic- he can’t wear it to work and I understand that, so M-F no ring will be worn. That leaves the weekend for him to get used to wearing jewelry!- I bought him a watch once, he wore it once and lost it within 2 weeks. Realistically, I know that he will never wear it and I’m okay with that but why even get it?

He was so/so about getting it and I didn’t want to waste the money- I mean, that’s $374 that could go towards something for me! But maybe one day, like in 30 years when we retire, he will finally wear the ring. His fingers will probably be fatter by then so we could just give it to one of the grandkids, I mean old rings have a purpose right?

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