Friday, October 22, 2010

Girl, Where you been?

I like how the last time I posted I talked about how I was going to be a good little blogger and post more often. But did that happen? No, of course not. Since my last post,
- I finally finished my monster of a paper, got an A on it, and there are even talks about it being published which I am all like "yay!" about, but it really isn't that great of a paper in my opinion so I won't be too broken up about it if it doesn't happen.
- I graduated law school. 3 years sure does go by fast.

- I studied for the bar. Took the bar. Oh, and did I say pass the bar? Cuz, yeah I passed the bar. (A post about that will be posted today today)

- I got married. Yep, finally. We eloped. We haven't gotten any pictures back yet though, (2 weeks!!) - so all we have is the one picture my then-fiance took of me before we left to city hall. I'll post that later today too.
- I started work and I've been doing that about 70 hours a week since I started.

So...yes, I guess you can say I have been super busy. Today, I plan on posting all the posts I wrote over the summer but never actually ever posted. Hope you like these because I may not be back for a while.

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