Friday, October 22, 2010

We got married!

I finally married the guy who makes me feel like Christmas. It was great. My feet hurt and SanFrancisco was frrrreeezzzing, but it was wonderful to marry this man.

I don't have any pictures yet. Since it was just the two of us and our photographers, we have to wait but I do have a picture to show--- its the only picture I have for the time being. It's me and my dream dress. I love it so much. I shortened the dress to a mini skirt and got some leopard pumps. It was so 80's and so me.

Isn't it grand? I felt so beautiful that day- even if I really wasn't, I felt it. And everyone we passed said congrats and told me how beautiful I looked, how great my dress looked. People were even taking pictures of us!! We took pictures in the market and crowds gathered and started taking pictures of us- which was kind of cool. Every now and then I search to see if maybe I can find any of those pictures out there somewhere. All in all it was a great experience. We got married, and then went to IHOP. Great day I say.

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