Friday, October 22, 2010

Wedding dress panic

My last wedding dress post was about how I wanted to get a dress made that was inspired by a Stephen Yearick design. Well, I found this picture of Jackie Collin's wedding and my gears just started turning. Jackie Collins got married in England's version of a city hall so it totally fits with my whole city hall elopment. I love the long in the back, short in the front mullet look. I've seen it done wrong before but this is so right. I love how modest it is.

So I decided to find a dressmaker and get started. I wanted a long sleeved crew neck dress, off white-ish in color, with the same general shape as Jackie's dress. I wanted a drop waist instead because I know my body and while I love my shape, I would look wide if the waistline was at my actual waist. A drop waist would make me look thinner. Instead of the flowers that Jackie has all over her dress, I would want the embroidery similar to the Stephen Yearick design I talked about before, and to incorporate the Stephen Yearick even more, I wanted the triangular edging to be the edging on my dress too. That dress sounds amazing doesn't it? If I had a second wedding I would have that dress made. In fact, If I had anything- big gala, ball, whatever, I would have a dress like that made. I may even do it anyway- in black or a gold or something just because it sounds that amazing to me.

Well, as you can tell from that little tangent- I didn't get that dream dress made. I found a dressmaker. In fact, I found 3. 2 of whom were online and 1 was local. Because this is Miami, the local dressmaker's English wasn't that great and I just didn't want to go through the hassle of having to explain and re-explain something as important as my wedding dress. I've been here long enough to know that the important details often get lost in translation. So I decided against her.
Then I found a couple dressmakers through etsy, but because of my timeline, I decided on one in particular whose work looked amazing. Just in case, I found someone else as well who had been in the dressmaking business for years- she wasn't through etsy though. Anywho, both of these people fell through. The problem is that I had finally decided on the etsy dressmaker. I had made arrangements as to price, timeline, fabric, everything and about 6 weeks prior to my wedding she informed me that she couldn't do the dress because she was swamped.

Of course I freaked out! Like I was in a super super panic. At this point I couldn't go find another dressmaker to make this dream dress for me. I almost cried thinking about how I was going to have to go into a David's Bridal or something like that and just choose a dress off the rack. I looked online at Nordstrom for white dresses. I even tried looking into my original suit idea. I started googling "mullet wedding dress" for something maybe somewhat close to my dream dress- maybe I could find a long sleeved white dress and have it cut into that shape, without the edging and embroidery. This idea seemed somewhat plausible but it is hard to find long sleeved wedding dresses nowadays. Luckily there are mormon wedding dress shops that have dresses like these, but none were what I wanted.

Then I decided that maybe vintage was the way to go. By the way, all these thoughts and searches were within a 1 hour time span- I was in super panic mode. I was even snapping at my husband because I was so worried.

Anywho, so I decided to look at vintage dresses and that's where I found my beauty of a dress. I found a site called They have lots of vintage pieces and a small gallery of wedding dresses. Here is my dress as shown on the site:

Amazing right? It has all the elements of a dream dress for me. It's not the exact one I had in mind, but to me it was like fate. I always say everything happens for a reason, and this was proof. This dress is cute, long sleeved, vintage, 80's, unique, has a tulip thingie going on, me perfectly with no alterations needed. Actually that part isn't true, the bust was a little off, but for the most part, I didn't have to do anything. I wanted to though and Oh, I did. I shortened that dress to a mini skirt! It was the perfect wedding dress. So my wedding dress nightmare which occured over the course of an hour turned into perfection.
Anything like that ever happen to you?

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