Monday, March 9, 2009

About me. About he. About we.

I'm Canadian ay? Not at all, ay. Then, What are you talking aboot? I'm taking about me, he, and we. At first I didn't really know you, and was a little shy, but I feel this crazy chemistry between us. I think after a month of blogging here, I'm ready for you to know more about me, he, and we. So here it goes….(deep breath).

Me. I'm always cold. I make myself laugh. I'm a great mommy.
He. He's always hot. He laughs at me. He's a wonderful daddy.
We. Together we are always the right temperature. We laugh at each other. We are super parents!

Was that enough? Didn't think so. Here we go again. Take 2.

I am a law student in my 2nd year. Originally from the Midwest, I consider myself a Midwestern girl even though I've lived in Florida for almost 10 years now. I'm an only child and I hear that I act like one. My face is the perfect merge between my mom and dad so I resemble them and don't resemble them at the same time. I'm a mommy first and foremost and nothing matters more to me than that little boy. I'm an advocate for equal and civil rights for all people of all nations regardless of their status, classification, religion,race, or sexual preference. I strive to read a newspaper everyday because I have a need to be informed and to know what is going on.I have really long fingers that look like skeletons and thin arms that resemble a praying mantis. I have so many insecurities but am happy with the person I am and ultimately happy with myself. I need to work on patience though.

He is a auto tech at a luxury dealership. He loves his work and he loves me. His mind is super simple and complicated at the same time. He understands things I can't even wrap my head around like physics, time, space, and all things scientific. He fell in a well when he was 2 and was featured on Rescue 911. He has full lips and bright blue eyes- he uses them to make cute faces I can't resist. He stays informed by watching the news daily and cooks every night since other people, ahem, don't know how. He is more efficient and hard working than most people I know. A true mans' man- he can fix and build anything you need which is just so sexy.

Together we click and it is super wonderful. We can't wait until we are super old so we can gross out the younger generation with our PDA!

What about you and your mate? How are you together and individually?

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