Wednesday, March 4, 2009

All of the Beautiful Colors

Thank goodness for Snippet & Ink. I had a lukewarm love for grey and pale pink. I was going to add hot pink in there and make it my own but I couldn't get past the image of those colors at the beach. They just didn't scream beach to me. If I was going to be anywhere else then those colors would be love, but I wasn't going to change my location just because of a color scheme.

Then Urban Lavender came along and I started to think purples and grey. I had never ever ever ever been a purple fan. I think every color has been my favorite at one point in time but never purple. Purple has been lucky to be in my closet though, because, well, I look good in purple but I'm not a fan.

I could see lavender and grey at the beach. I could see my hunny in a grey suit, vest, and deep purple tie. I could see my bridesmaids in different colored purple dresses. I could see my bouquet as a bunch of lavender stalks. I could see my son with grey pants and a lavender vineyard vines cummerbund and bow tie. All on the beach.

I found my wedding colors! How did you find yours? How many times did you change it before your big day?

Inspiraton Boards via Snippet & Ink

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