Monday, March 16, 2009

Getting to Know You Honeymoon, Part 1

Me and the Mr. aren't the tropical kind of people. We live in Florida, but rather go canoeing in a river than playing in the beach.* Most people want to go some place exotic for their honeymoon- not us. We already live in paradise so going to the Carribean or Hawaii would be redunant. The only places I have ever really wanted to go are Cuba, Greece, and any place in Africa. Lately though I've added 3 other places to that list: France, London, and Germany. Cuba would be the easiest place to get to seeing as how I could practically swim to it, but I'm not Cuban and therefore the chances of me getting there without the laws changing are slim to none. I also try to stay as far away from swimming in the ocean as possible due to a near drowning experience as a child in the Pacific Ocean. The other places are off our list just because we don't have the money to go there.

Then we came up with another list: Camping, a dude ranch, rebuilding houses in New Orleans, or Disneyworld! Since Disneyworld is closest that will always remain a strong possibility plus I would love to stay in the hotel where giraffes walk right by your window. I'm too paranoid to go camping and would need 3 tazers and a gun just to get through the night. A dude ranch sounds nice but the packages I've seen have been too expensive. I love love love New Orleans. I could live there. There is something about the culture, the experience, the food, and the beignets! Sadly though, many of the parishes outside New Orleans have been neglected and a vast majority of it outside of the tourist regions have not been rebuilt. For my Spring Break 2 years ago I went to New Orleans with a group of 10 people from my school and we met up with a pretty huge group of kids from colleges across the country. We gutted houses and it was so worth it. I want to do it again and this time bring the Mr. I think it would be the perfect start to our lives together because I want to raise our children to think about others before themselves and I would like to volunteer religiously with my children as they grow and take these types of trips as a family more often.

What did we decide? See Part II.

*Note: Do not, under any circumstances, go in a river or lake in Florida- there are alligators and they will eat you.

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