Monday, March 16, 2009

Something Blue

I don't want a garter. Gasp! I know, I know, its a timeless tradition, blah blah blah. The idea of a garter and throwing it just seems dated to me. Although it used to be one of my favorite parts at weddings, I haven't seen anyone do it at the last couple of weddings I've been to and I didn't really miss it. To be honest, me and the Mr. just aren't garter throwing people. The problem I see in all of this is that I always figured my something blue would be on my garter, and now that I'm against all things garter (except the garter belt) I need to come up with something else that has my something blue.

I thought about maybe having my blue sewed into a part of my dress. The Mr. can sew so if I asked him to I'm sure he would do it and it would make my dress that much more special. I also thought about wearing these sapphire earrings I get compliments on everytime I wear them but quickly nixed that idea because I really want to wear my mothers diamond earrings as my something borrowed.

Then I made a polyvore board. Oh yes, I love playing around with it all. Did it give me any inspiration?- No, but again, it is pretty and that's all that matters. Actually, I really like the guys shoes pictured but I wont recommend them to the Mr. because they would clash with our colors. Something Blue
Something Blue - by jossyjos on

I am going today to drop off my 2nd engagement ring so a band can be made. It is going to be a black diamond eternity band, but maybe I'll add a sapphire or two in there to give it that something blue. If not this, then maybe the Mr.'s blue eyes will satisfy that requirement.

What is your something blue?

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