Monday, March 16, 2009

Getting to Know You Honeymoon, Part 2

We decided on a getting to know you honeymoon! We will show each other our respective hometowns and what parts are important to us. I love this idea and so does the Mr. What better way to get to know each other than understand their past?

We have been together for 5 years and although we have heard all about our hometowns from each other, neither one of us has actually been to each others hometowns. I'm from Omaha and he is from a small town in New Jersey. We decided that I would take him to all my favorite places in Omaha and he could take me to his in Jersey, then we would swing by New York since I've never been and maybe, just maybe, take a train to Philly since I have always wanted to go. I am more excited about this trip than my wedding. I want to show him everything I love about Omaha, like the Henry Doorly Zoo!

I know the Mr. would love the aquarium because he is a fish lover, and as a kid, the jungle/ rain forest was always my favorite part.

Because we no longer own any winter clothes, not even a glove, we decided the best time to go would be in late July- early August after I take the bar exa which makes it the perfect time to go see a College World Series game or two- something I used to do every summer as a young'in.

And after the game we can have races down the slides.

We will then go swing over to the Old Market and eat outside, listen to the music, and browse around the cute shops- the bookstores of which are my favorite.

We have to eat while we are there so I plan taking him to my favorite of all favorite resturants ever- places of which I wish I could find anywhere else:
Joe Tess- best catfish ever- I dare you to find some place better.
King Fongs- best chinese food ever. EVER!
Sakura Bana (formerly Sushi Ichiban)- best sushi EVER EVER EVER! MMM...I have a sudden craving for a sasadango.
Ted & Wallys- classic Ice cream in huge waffle cones
Skeets BBQ- best barbeque sauce EVER! I want the recipe! Dangerous neighborhood so if you visit, you may want to skip it.
Little King- best sub shop EVER! This was my packed lunch on field trips.
Runza- fast food but a staple you can't leave Omaha without getting.
Lots of EVER's huh? That's because I mean it.

After eating Omaha out of house and home we can go relax with a boat ride at the Fountain.

And, I'm giving away a piece of my anonymity here, but we must swing by the Joslyn Art Museum or Joslyn Castle.

I was named after the Joslyn Art Museum because my parents had their first date there so even if the Mr. will hate it, he has to go to "my" museum with me. And even better if it's during Jazz on the Green- we can sit back, relax, and listen to some great music.

As for Jersey? I have no clue really what we would do. I know he wants to reconnect with friends so I'm excited about meeting them. The Mr. also talks about pizza places, his hangouts which were really random places, and his high school so I assume will we go to those- oh, and I want to see where he fell in a well at too.

Have you visited each others hometowns? What did you learn about each other?

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  1. This is so cute! I love that you guys made a mini "honeymoon" out of visiting your hometowns :) adorable!
    My dad's parents were from omaha - I loved going to the zoo there!!