Sunday, March 15, 2009

The fairest of them all

I love love love Snow White. When I was younger my mom used to call me that because my lips were the color of a rose, skin the color of snow, and hair the color of ebony. Ever since then, I have considered Snow a style icon. I rock the red lips and red headband often. This morning, for whatever reason, I decided to dress up as her. I put on a yellow skirt, royal blue tank top, and put the red ribbon in my hair. Then this conversation happened:

The MR.: Hey Snow White. How's it going?
Me: Hey Charming, its going pretty well.
The MR: Good
Me: So, do you have a date to the dance?
The MR.: No
Me: Me neither and I really want to go. I think you should ask me
The MR.: Uh, I have other things to do that night

Suddenly I was offended that Charming messed up my story. For the next 20 minutes I tried to convince him to go to a dance with me- a dance that doesn't exist. He still wasn't having it. It wasn't until I told him that I was going to ask out Cinderella's Charming that he changed his tune. Don't worry, I'm not a boyfriend stealer- Cinderella transfered from Far Far Away High School to Ever After Prepatory.

Anywhoo, it got me thinking about having a Snow White themed wedding. I've mentioned it to the Mr. before but this time I was really considering it. I called my mom and she thought it was a great idea. I quickly got to thinking about all the stuff I could do to make a Snow White wedding. My dress could have a stand up collar, candy apples for everyone, and woodland creatures galore. The colors would be light yellow, red, and a royal blue. The problem is that this is all that I could think of. I watched Snow White on youtube for more inspiration but it left me with nothing. I didn't want to go to extreme because, well, I'm a grown up now, but if I kept it simple I doubt people would get it.

I then decided to make my very own polyvore board. It was my first one ever. It's not much but it's pretty.
The board though didn't make me want to commit to a Snow White theme, but that cute Snow Ice costume will be incorporated into a budoir shoot and I may just wear it to that dance Charming finally agreed to go to.

I like the idea of having an all out Disney wedding though, with my friends dressed as Cinderella, Aurora, and Jasmine too, and my little guy would be Pinnocchio since he's in that fibbing stage now.

Have you ever thought about incorporating your favorite storybook character into your wedding? If so, what details would you have to have?

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