Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Product Review: Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs

I have great legs. I get compliments on them all the time. My legs are super hott- when I have tights or stockings on. My bare legs however are another story. I sleep itch, which turns into bleeding, which turns into scarring. Sorry for the yucky mental picture.
I chose a great dress from Macy's to wear during the first of my 2 engagement pictures. It stops about an 2 inches above my knees. Originally, I planned on wearing cowboy boots with it but that trend is sort of disappearing so I may just do simple heels and pearl, brass, and gold accessories. Regardless of the shoe or accessories I still have an ugly leg problem. This dress doesn't look good with tights so my old standby wont work.

I thought about maybe getting away with wearing nude pantyhose. This was, and still is, a strong possibility. As long as I choose a color that is close to my own skin tone and is sheer, no one but me, my love, and my photographer will know my secret. Before I resign myself to hose I decided to try leg make-up.

I looked at online reviews of Sally Hansen's Airbrush Legs before I made the purchase. I am such a cheapo that I require myself to do research before I buy something, even if it’s a $13 can of leg makeup. I found many opinions online. Most people liked it and others didn't but most of the people who didn't confused leg makeup with sunless tanner. I try to reserve judgment before calling people dense but I really don't understand how someone could confuse the two, especially considering that the product has no mention of sunless tanning. It does come in different colors- but doesn't all makeup?

Anywho, based on the reviews I decided to fork out $13 and bought a can from my local Walgreens. I decided to do both legs- 1 by spraying on my hands and then applying to my legs and the other by spraying directly on my legs and blending in like some opinionates suggested. I think I got a better application by spraying directly on my legs and blending but you have to be careful because it gets harder to blend correctly if you wait a while so I suggest spraying and blending small sections at a time.

The results turned out like what I would expect from leg makeup. It was very light to the touch though and it didn’t feel like I was wearing makeup but I think I may need more coverage to cover up my scars. I think this product would work well for women who have very minor problems. I tried to apply another coat, like I would do foundation to get more coverage, but at that point it started to look like I was wearing makeup and I didn't want that. After 10 minutes or so I took a white cloth and wiped it against one of my legs to see if the makeup would come off- it didn't! Getting it off in the shower though wasn't pretty- I had to scrub and you could see the makeup run down the drain which is expected I guess.

All in all I think Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs is great for people who have minor leg imperfections. Since I need a little more coverage that what Airbrush Legs can provide me I think I will go back to wearing sheer panty hose with my dress and may wear the leg makeup underneath just to make sure no imperfections show through the hose.

What beauty products have you experimented with? How did it turn out?

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