Sunday, March 29, 2009

Found something for him to do

My guy has had only one task to do when it comes to this wedding: Sit there and look pretty, and agree with me when I ask for an opinion. I guess that's two things. The reason I took this approach is because he is genuinely not interested in any of this planning stuff. If it were up to him we would invite our parents to a courthouse and get it over with, or even better: fast forward to the wedding night. He almost ran off and got married to himself when he found out how much he would save on car insurance if he was married. I have kept my asking him for opinions at a minimum just because I get so frustrated with his lack of crazy-vision and inability to coordinate. However, I found something for him to do and am just so crazy about it.

He is very good at making things for me and this would be right up his alley. I found this on and instantly thought it was the greatest idea ever. The woman who did this included her invitation, scrap from her dress, pins from her bouqet, and a brooch that I beliieve was her grandmothers. I don't know where she got the 2006 sign but I like it.

I started to think of all the places I could put it and how perfect it was because it sums up the entire day in 2 shadow boxes, and since my current invitation plan is to screen print handkerchiefs it just added to my desire for him to make it. It is now on his to-do list and lucky for him, he has more than a year to git-er-done.

Now I only wish I wasn't such a minimalist. I have 9 months to change that- maybe a visit to J.Crew will spark it all.

What are you doing to preserve your wedding day?

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