Friday, February 27, 2009

Gummi Bear Wedding

Well, you know what they say- you are what you eat. Well, I think what I eat and right now I am eating frozen gummi bears (don't knock it till you try it). It got me thinking, what if I planned a gummi bear wedding. Then it got me thinking about good ol' Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. If I was going to plan a Willie Wonka style wedding, it would look a little like this:
Save the date candy boxes with lemonheads.

A chocolate bar invitation with a golden ticket inside.

And no Chocolate Factory themed wedding would be complete without the chocolate fountain! Note: this picture was taken 2 years ago at the end my dessert and wine party. Yes, we spilled chocolate everywhere and yes, all the food was gone within a couple of minutes. That is what you see here. Oh, and I'm the girl with the cinnamon stick in my mouth)

My shoes would look delicious.

My lifesaver of a bridesmaid dress would look like this, but longer.

Our signature drink: Chocolate Martini

Our favors would be giant gummi bears, of course.

Instead of a cake: Why not cotton candy instead?

Pictures: Giant Gummi Bear,; candy bar invitations from member lani; yellow candy box invitations from; Herve Leger mini-dress; Betseyville shoes, Vivacious heel; cotton candy cake, yelp image from aphrodisiac;

What would you add if you were doing a delicious themed wedding? Are you incorporating any candy into your big day?

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