Friday, February 27, 2009

I'm a Barbie Girl

Everyone who knows me knows that I am pretty much blind. I had glasses that I loved, they broke after DKNY discontinued them, I tried to glue them back together which worked for a while and then even used black duct tape but they all failed. I still need glasses but am considering contacts. Today while looking at I came across these Korean circle lenses. They work by making your pupils look dialated- a black ring gives the effect of bigger, puppy dog, anime eyes. Cinthia from ebeautyblog looks beautiful with hers in but every other picture I saw of someone in these lenses made me think of druggies and then I thought of Heather Locklear's mugshot photo.
Still, I am thinking about getting a pair. I want to look like a doll on my wedding day so I may experiment. If I look like a druggie then I just wont wear them that day but I imagine they will come into use for some reason, like clubbing- I am in MIAMI ya dig!?

Cinthia from in her circle lenses

Heather Locklear's mugshot picture

Are you experimenting with something before using it on your big day?

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