Sunday, February 15, 2009

My Valentine's Day

Not to brag or anything but my valentines day was pretty awesome. It started off with a 7 year old waking me up at 7:00 in the morning because of his loud talking on his cell phone to his grandparents. Yes, he has a cell phone and no I didn't buy it for him- his grandparents did, but that's another post all together.
Anywhoo, he plays little league and after 5 games of straight (but very close) losses, they finally won one! It was probably the best game I've seen and our pitcher was great. And suprisingly my sweet child took the game win well with a new found maturity and sportsmanship. Gone are the days of when he won soccer games calling all the members on the other team "good losers". It warmed my heart.

Then, well, we went home and cleaned. Yay! Actually, that was the plan but I went home and fell asleep and my hunny cleaned the house for me while I was sleeping. Umm, how sweet is that?

My Valentine's day is still going on too. Because I'm on the Medifast diet and can only have one almost normal meal a day, my hunny is taking me to a super awesome seafood resturant for crab, crab, crab. We could make it for half the price, but not having to clean up after is totally priceless, and I like my clean house.

What special events occured on your Valentine's Day?

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