Thursday, February 19, 2009

My realization that I'm officially that girl.

Julissa*: I never realized how pretty your eyes are.
Me: Yeah, but you can't really tell unless I'm in the sun.
Anthony*: You do have pretty eyes. What are you doing later. (laughs)
Julissa: You better stop, she's practically married.
Me: That is true. Practically
Anthony: How long have you been together?
Me: About 5 years
Anthony: Wow. Like man, honestly, how do you even know that like, that guy, is the right one, you know?

At this point me and the only other female start to turn into that girl. The girl I never wanted to be. That girl who is all lovey-dovey and mushy and icky, yuck, yuck. I can't even talk about that girl, but that girl is me.

I've never been the that girl type. I make fun of that girl. I don't cry- unless it is in a movie, in which case I cry at EVERY SINGLE movie, whether it's a kids movie, comedy, action flick, whatever. I'm assertive but kind, but never into romance- as evidence of the proposal story (to come, don't worry).

The rest of the conversation went sort of like this.

Me: You just know when you found the right one. Like I just love to be with him and around him. We've been together so long but it was always long distance so I didn't think we could get along while living together, but we moved in together and everything has been better. He just makes me feel like Christmas!
Julissa: Awww
Anthony: Auuuuh?
Me: Well he does! I can be silly with him. We are just stupid together and I know he would do anything for me, and I can't stay mad at him because within 10 I miss him and I want him to be my friend again.
Julissa: That's just how I feel about Gus*. Really. I feel like we are part of each other.
- At this point we started talking about that Robin Williams movie "Field of Dreams" where the guy wasn't happy in heaven because he was without his other half, and he rather go to hell to be with her than stay in heaven without her. Awwww. Warms my cold heart.

Sadly, I've turned into that girl, but suddenly I'm okay with it.

*Names have been changed. Picture is from the classic, "The Notebook".

Have you turned into that girl yet, or were you always her?

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