Friday, February 27, 2009

The Proposal Story

Well I don't know where to start because there isn't much to say. The Mr. is super romantic. He gives thoughtful gifts and does thoughtful things. After we started dating, I told him never to buy me flowers because I think they are just a waste. They die and I have no desire to water them or look at them. Fake flowers are just as good as real flowers for me. Well, the first gift he ever gave me was a flower- but a swarovski flower and attached was a note telling me not to fear because this flower would never die like our love (awww!). For Valentine's Day one year he made me a sailors valentine completely out of seashells. It took him forever. Before rose gold got all popular, he got a ring custom made for me made of my 2 favorite stones: opal and diamond set in rose gold. As you can tell from this, I thought when he finally popped the question it would be thoughtful.
Well, I kind of ruined that. We talked about marriage from the very beginning so it was no suprise that we were going to get married eventually. We talked about having kids, where we wanted to live, what kind of houses we wanted, etc. 2 years after dating I saw a ring in a magazine and decided I had to have it- it could be my engagement ring! Well, it was $18,000 so that idea quickly went out the window. Engagement rings were still on my mind though. We went to the mall one day just to browse, having no real intent to buy, and I saw this beautiful ring all in white gold that was sort of like what I wanted. It was different, and vintage looking, and the price was RIGHT- this is becausse instead of being 1 big diamond, its lots of little ones which was fine with me.
We picked it out, he paid for it, and I got it customized to have a yellow gold band instead of a white one since I'm a total goldie. So, it was no real suprise that I was getting a ring and he was going to ask me.
We were supposed to get the ring back in October, but didn't end up getting it back until Decemeber. During my 2 month wait I made it clear that I wanted nothing special because it would just be a waste of time- I'm going to say yes, and he was going to ask.
December came, he called and told me he picked up the ring, and as I got out of the car one day outside of his house he opened my door and got on one knee and said "will you marry me". I don't think I said yes, I am pretty sure I just took the ring, put it on my finger and got upset that it was a huge size 8 when I wear a 5. That was the start of my hate for the ring because I've had nothing but problems since then- mostly rhodium plating problems, which is another reason why I am a yellow goldie.
So I messed up the proposal. It could of been something special but I ruined that. At the tiime I didn't care but reading all these cutsie proposal stories make me wish I wouldn't have stifled his creativity, but then again we don't have any cute stories. The way we met wasn't cute, or the way he asked me out, but I wouldn't trade it for anything. He makes me feel like the most important and beautiful person on earth, so I guess together we make each other special. There is no need for cute stories with us.

Below is a picture of the 1st of my 2 engagement rings.

Was your proposal story special? Why or Why not?

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